A Message from the Chairman of the Board

"Education! Jobs! Economic Recovery!" We heard it on every station, spoken by every candidate, at every level, regardless of political affiliation.

Everyone agrees. That is what our country needs That is VIDA's mission! We do not do it alone; VIDA builds the future with committed community partners.

As we assimilate the lessons learned from one of the hardest fought presidential campaigns in recent history, we know that the economic engine is fueled through job creation and job retention. Texas has led the country in job creation and the Rio Grande Valley is one of the primary stimulants to that fact. We have an abundant, young, and vibrant workforce. Our region has been deliberate in its focus on education with multi-tiered initiatives across the four counties to address and improve our educational outcomes and post secondary credentialing. Our partners in education are doing amazing things. Our employers are engaged, and the residents of the Valley have demonstrated the ability and desire to compete nationally and internationally for quality, high skilled jobs.

This past fiscal year, we celebrated the successful completion of post secondary credentialing by 304 VIDA participants from across the Rio Grande Valley. All graduates had multiple barriers. Financial hardships were certainly one of them. All graduates invested the time and effort. All made the sacrifices necessary to change the course of their lives and that of their children. Congratulations to them and their families! Respectfully,Tony Aguirre Chairman of the Board

Eduardo Anaya

Eduardo Anaya
Law Office of Eduardo Anaya


Carlos Marin
Vice Chairman
CEO, Ambiotec Civil Engineering Group


Estela Soza Garza

Estela Soza Garza
UTPA Department of Social Work


Heberto Diaz

Pastor Rev. Msgr. Heberto M. Diaz, Jr.
Saint Mary Catholic Church


Tony Aguirre

Tony Aguirre
Owner, T. Aguirre Consulting


David Oliveira

David Oliveira
Law Offices of Roerig, Oliveria & Fisher


Rosalie Tristan
Valley Interfaith Willacy County Area


Linda Resendez

Linda Resendez
Doctors hospital at Renaissance – Senior VP Clinical Integration


Fr. Jerry Frank
St. John's Catholic Church


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